Fumiaki Obata/ 小幡史明

Lecturer/ 講師

Fumiaki received his Ph.D. in 2012 in the Graduate school of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the University of Tokyo for his research on "the metabolome analysis of apoptosis-deficient Drosophila" with Masayuki Miura. He worked additional three years to keep studying the methionine metabolism and its relevance to tissue homeostasis and ageing. His second post-doc experience was with Alex Gould at the Francis Crick institute where he established a microbiota research. He has been back to Japan in October, 2017 to launch a group.


東京大学大学院薬学系研究科・三浦正幸教授の元「ショウジョウバエ・アポトーシス変異体のメタボローム解析」にて2012年に学位を取得。学位取得後3年間は同研究室にて、メチオニン代謝の関わる寿命や恒常性維持機構の解明に取り組み、2015年に渡英。フランシスクリック研究所Alex Gould研のポスドクとして研究し、そこで腸内細菌の研究をスタート。2017年の10月に日本に戻り新たな研究をスタートさせた。

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Obata Group in the Department of Genetics,

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

The University of Tokyo